Potty training (or let’s just go for it…)

I was dreading this one as most parents probably do …
The Laundry, all the stuff you have to buy from pottys to training pants, the mess …
We actually had none of it …
Our potty training consisted of little more than putting our little girl in knickers instead of nappies and showing her where her potty was …

Well maybe not quite that simple…
Winry is now 2 years and 7 months and our potty training was a very gradual process that started when she was 18 months.

I was pregnant with our second child which would arrive when winry was around 22 months.
What to do …
I had read about regression and that potty training should be avoided around major life events… I considder getting a sibling a pretty major life event for a toddler.

So I had two choices – get it done well in advance or waiting until the new baby was a few months old.
So we bought a potty when she was about 18 months to see what she made of it but she wasn’t ready and we didn’t want to push her.
The decision was made to postpone until after the baby had settled into our family and we were in calmer waters.

But the potty remained sitting there in the bathroom, she saw it everyday and when I went to the loo myself she would sometimes sit on it with her nappy on and pretend to be like mummy.
Sometimes she would even sit on it properly before having her bath at night and once or twice she even piddled in it which was then followed by heaps and heaps of praise.

The new Baby arrived and shortly after this we moved house, then it was christmas, then we were ill, to cut a long story short we kept putting it off although she was probably more than ready by now.
I was beginning to feel a little guilty so we made the decision to just go for it with a no nonsense approach… no training pants or pull ups or in between stages.
We got her a few packs of knickers and since they featured peppa pig she instantly loved them.
We picked a day on which we would stay home and explained to her that she would need to go to the potty if she needed a wee or a poo.
The first day we probably asked her every 10 minutes if she needed to go but she did extremely well so we eased off the next day and just let her get on with it…

It is now exactly one week later and this is what we achieved:

she wears a nappy for her nap and at night but is in knickers any other time.
She wipes herself after a wee but has assistance after a poo.
She dresses and undresses herself, goes to the bathroom by herself and just comes to tell me to clean her potty when she’s done.
She had two little accidents where she went but didnt quite get her kickers down in time.

No stress or hassle – just pride and watching her grow up into her own little independant person.
In hindsight I don’t regret putting it off for a bit – It actually made it very easy in our case…
Smiles all round =)

what we needed:
3 packs of knickers
travel potty
lots of love encouragement and positivity…

until next time
ta da


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