Today we had fun !!!

Parenting can sometimes seem like an awful lot of work, stress and endless to do lists…

Sam is getting to the age now where he is mobile and a real little character and they are not in school or at nursery yet…
All too often I forget how quickly time passes you by and before you know it they are grown up.
…and then you have those moments of pure joy, light- heartedness, spirit lifting happiness and just plain fun that are etched in your memory never to be forgotten …

And I’m trying to remind myself as often as I can to stop, breathe and enjoy the time we have together…
and it can be the simplest things from baking together, a pillow fight, a walk in the woods or … an evening in the garden …

When my wonderful husband came home from work today there were still some sheets in the garden on which me and the kids had spent a couple of hours earlier that day.
He’d had a bit of a stressfull week and decided to stretch out a few minutes before dinner.
It wasn’t long before Winry pounced on him and requested Sam join them too, wich I welcomed since it got them out from under my feet and I got to cook dinner in peace.

When I went to check on them I saw this:




They just looked so happy and carefree tumbling about…
So I decided we would have dinner in the garden and take advantage of the nice weather while it lasted…
And let me tell you – this will become a habit! It was just so lovely to eat dinner in the fresh air with the sun and the breeze and the birds tweeting… BLISS









As always my smallest got rather messy but I didnt want the fun to stop quite yet…
So… I got some hot water from inside and cold from the hose and we did this:









…It was an awesome evening!!!

Now the kids are in bed asleep, the kitchen is a total mess, there’s a whole load of laundry to be done tomorrow…
But all 4 of us are thoroughly happy, de stressed and ready for the weekend 🙂

And I got some brilliant pictures to treasure 🙂

Until next time…
ta da



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