2 years in 4 photoshoots

Being a first time mum can sometimes feel like a sick joke …
Before having Winry I had rolled my eyes with annoyance when my brother tip toed around the house and whispered as my niece was taking her nap.
I was never going to be like that – the kid would just have to get used to sleeping through noise, because really – who does that to themselves?! …

Fast forward several years … Winry had been awake for what felt like months, I had finally gotten her to sleep – my back was screaming with pain from carrying around a deadweight 5lbs baby.
So I closed her door with the utmost care, cringed at the noise the bus made driving past outside and went straight to the living room to unplug the phone …
This became common practice and we did not have an answering machine … So as a lucky coincident would have it I missed about 8 calls over the months from a Sure Start Lady trying to invite me to a baby massage class…
I finally went with Winry in April 2014 when She was already 6 months – all the other babies were much younger – including little Arthur and his lovely mummy Jessica …

We got talking and I found out that Jessica was a Photographer …
We kept in touch through Facebook and I loved the Images she posted, so we booked our first shoot with her on Winry’s first Birthday in October 2012.
It was so lovely and relaxed, the images were so natural and vibrant and really portrayed our real personalities…

Photographs are Keepsakes like no other, they capture a precious moment in time, they have attatched to them so many memories, sentiments and emotions. When you find a good Photographer you can look at an Image of yourself and cherish every Imperfection. See yourself through someone elses eyes and grasp the fragility and magic of Life, not caring about a double chin or muddy shoes.



We had a studio shoot when Winry was two months old with a popular infant photographing chain and sometimes I look at the pictures and they don’t really look like her… The artificial light, the awkward pose… They are lovely to look at but they evoke very little emotion …

So when we wanted more pictures we went back to her of course …
We had 3 more shoots – a Bump Shoot in July 2013 when I was very pregnant with Sameth, a Newborn Shoot in September 2013 when Sameth was 3 weeks old and most recently a lovely Family Shoot in October 2014.
This will be our last shoot for the forseeable future as Jessica is taking on her own personal journey to halfway across the world…

So this is a thank you (for now) for our wonderful Images and for capturing us in this gorgeous natural way – your work is most treasured by us !!!

I dont want to write too much in this post but rather share some of my most favourite pictures. Show how our family has grown and developed through her work πŸ˜‰
I love every Image – You are one talented Lady with the most mezmerising personality πŸ™‚


( all Photographs taken by Jessica from http://www.photosbyjessica.co.uk/index.html )

3 Family Portraits




Taking steps



Mummy and her Girl




Mummy and her Boy








Sameth 3 weeks and 13 Months



Winry 1 year and 3 Years

Β Winry-40


Close Knit




How 3 Became 4




Daddy with Winry 12 months and Sameth 13 Months



This is us 4



My whole World




Until next time …

Ta da

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