Hello again…

I have been trying to upload a blog for what feels like an eternity now but we have had major internet issues … oh the worries of the modern world … anyway it seems to be fixed now so I am once again able to share my thoughts and images with those who are interested 😉 yay !!

So here goes …

As you know I keep insisting that my favourite season of all is autumn … It is and always has been – for all the reasons I have listed (and no doubt will continue to list) on numerous occasions…

Every season has its perks and downsides of course – but since moving out into the countryside and having a garden and fields right on our doorstep I have really come to appreciate summer – especially when the kids are concerned …

There is nothing better than a bit of dirt and fresh air to occupy the smalls and tire them out … 😉

I never really used to like summer in the past … it’s too hot and because of my size I have always rather prefered winter clothes that cover up as opposed to summer clothes that reveal – if you know what I mean … 😉

But especially in the last month , while we were plagued by a typical winter virus, and greyish wetness of the british winter, I have felt very sad that the summer is over … I have tremendously enjoyed the outdoors and am rather not looking forward to the cold, wet, grey, mudd and dark of the coming winter months which always seem to last forever and a day …

And so I felt the need to dig out some of my favourite pictures of the summer just to make myself feel a little bit warmer and brighter 😉

And of course I wanted to spread the love and share them with you …

That’s all for today really – Enjoy 😉

IMG_1666 IMG_1672 IMG_1646 IMG_1537 DSCN1234 IMG_1609 IMG_2125 IMG_1613 DSCN1179 IMG_2070IMG_3529 IMG_3437 IMG_3431 IMG_3286 IMG_3086 IMG_3050 IMG_2142 IMG_2517  IMG_2153 IMG_2866IMG_2710 IMG_2944 IMG_1954 DSCN1260 DSCN1226 IMG_3672


Until next time …

Ta da

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