My Soundtrack for you

It’s been a while since I had a chance to write. Winry started Nursery this January and we are preparing for a bit of upheaval due to some renovation work going on in our home during the first half of this year.
So, to say it has been chaotic would be an understatement, but it’s all good progress and the stress is mainly positive.

Anyway – I have been listening to a fair bit of music with the kids just recently. Since the days are so gray we don’t quite feel brave enough to face the outdoors most days.

Music can be a real mood lifter and I have briefly written about it before, but I would like to share something a little different with you.

Music is part of just about every persons life and as versatile as human race itself. There is music for every mood with every imaginable content. One of the first senses we develop is hearing – we can hear sounds in our mothers womb from around 22 – 26 weeks gestation, and when we are born we can recognise some of those sounds and simple melodies we have heard.
Music touches our emotions and affects us in a variety of ways. Mothers often sing to their babies to soothe them when they are upset. Shopping centers may play music to put shoppers in a good mood and encourage them to spend money …
I could write about music and its effects on the human being for months and not come close to scratching the surface of the content on this topic…

But what I want to do is share with you some music that is of significance to myself and I hope you enjoy it.

First of all – my children

this song just makes me feel happy and makes me think of my children so much.

when I was pregnant with winry I used to put the headphones of my I-pod on my belly and play music to her … whenever this song played she used to kick very strongly and rhytmically – i’ll never forget it!

This was winry’s favourite song as a little girl – the minute this song played on her daddies phone she used to start bopping. I will never forget watching my tall hunky husband dance with our fragile little girl in the morning sunshine to this song – the way she would snuggle her head into his neck and just relax and smile – so utterly content…

I found out I was pregnant with Sameth on a Saturday morning – 1st of December 2012. I took the pregnancy test at 5am in the morning because I just could not wait any longer to confirm what I already knew…
I went back to bed and told Craig. We were too excited to go back to sleep so we decided to listen to some music to calm down – this was the first song that played and I will never forget that moment.

This is sameths favourite song – he starts dancing as soon as he hears it and there has been many a time in the last year or so when Winry, Sameth and I have been dancing in the lounge to this song … happy days !!!

I am sure more songs will be added to this list throughout my childrens life but for now these are the ones that instantly make me picture and relive those memories…

My husband

Music has played a big part in our relationship and we don’t really have “a song” but more of a playlist…
Here goes:

One of the first songs craig played for me … Our relationship was long distance for over a year when we first met and this song means a lot …

another song that really brings back memories of that time.

Craig went to china for 6 months just after we got engaged due to a work project and we were apart for 4 of those months … a very low point for me … I probably listened to this tune 10 000 times during these 4 months…

I walked down the aisle to this song with a big lump in my throat and very weak knees – good job I was wearing flats …

our first dance  – and following – the video of us dancing to it 😉

craigs song for me

my song for craig

You know why hunny … just … love…

For some very spcial people

martin & anja – our first “grown up” holiday and many hours in the car ….

Anja – you know why I chose these songs – you truly are the best friend – ever – if there were an oscar for “best friend” You’d win it without a doubt!!

My two big brothers

The first musical influence in my life came from my two big brothers, they bought me my first few CDs and let me listen to their music.
Xavier Naidoo always reminds me of them – they both own CD’s of his’ and listen to his music … at least they used to … He is one of my favourite german artists and that is probably at least partly down to them.
The first concert I ever went to was Xavier Naidoo – it was my 18th birthday present from my best friend … The following song reminds me of my brothers because they are both very fiercely protective when it comes to family.
They are loyal to the bone and for them blood will always be thicker than water. They would do anything for their children and I know that they will always be there for me if ever I need them.
I love them more than words can say and am so very proud of my two big brothers!!!

there is also this one – one of my favourite films – every person needs a big brother if you ask me …

There is also a song that never fails to make me blub… Life is short people – fill it with laughter, tears, emotion, memories, love and music…    

I’ll leave you all with this one … It reminds me a bit of my father in law Kevin, and he will know why – dont’cha kev 😉

Until next time …

Ta da

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